January 12
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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It’s an old saying but with the advent of all the high-resolution digital cameras being included on smartphones and tablets, it’s more relevant than ever. At 8 megapixels of resolution and steadily improving optics, almost anyone can take stunning still images using nothing more than their new smartphone. Just surfing the web reveals that many websites are taking advantage of faster processors and larger broadband connections to deliver eye-catching images to their visitors. This is why we are seeing a greater number of websites using high-resolution image galleries that rotate through multiple images of their products, company and services.

Realtors now realize that the first impression most potential buyers will have of their listings is a picture from the web, often pulled from their MLS. Our local MLS here in Santa Clara County has reacted to this demand by offering the ability to upload more images than before and even at higher resolutions. The best real estate websites are leveraging this content by using images of current and past sales to create an engaging and attractive image gallery right on the homepage of their website.

At Baynet we offer custom designs with these large, high-resolution image galleries that can be updated without the need of an independent HTML designer. Just add, remove or update your gallery from any computer with images you wish to display on your website. So ask yourself: Does my website provide pictures of homes and the community that get visitors thinking about purchasing a home with you?

-Ted King