April 30
ESocialPro Updates

ESocialPro Updates

We have recently removed the source for Gizmodo from eSocialPro. So for those of you that had Gizmodo as your ONLY source – you will need to select a different source. If you would like to add Gizmodo to your source list, you can still do this (see below for directions on adding custom RSS feeds).
**We are not restricting Gizmodo articles from auto-posting via eSocialPro. So if you want to continue auto-posting their articles to your networks, you will need to add their RSS link manually.**

To make it easier, just follow the directions below.

Adding Gizmodo (and any other site not included in our default Source list) – Custom RSS Source

  • Log in to your eSocialPro.com account – or e-agents.com if you have eSocial synced.
  • Go to the “Sources” page.
  • Click the “Add Source” button.
  • Click the “Custom” tab.
  • Select the source titled “Syndication Feed (RSS, ATOM etc.)”
  • In the “Feed URL” field, plug in the URL to the RSS feed of your choice… In this case, the URL to Gizmodo’s RSS feed is: http://feeds.gawker.com/gizmodo/vip
  • Click “Add Source”
  • & done!