January 31


eSocialPro can help anyone to be a social media pro in thirty minutes!

What can eSocialPro do?

1.      Bring all your social media networks to one place!

2.      Allow you to “quick post” to all of you networks at once!

3.      Automate your social media posts! Your custom message is sent at the frequency you want, via the networks you select, via an easy to use setup module. 4 clicks and you will be a social media pro!

If you do not have any social media networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, eSocialPro will set them up for you.

If you have the accounts, a simple five step setup will bring all your networks to eSocialPro in minutes.

Then in a few minutes more, you can automate your social media posting system and deliver the message you want, when you want, so you can get on with your day to day business and let eSocialPro make you a social media pro ….. Every day!

Easy ….. Effective ….. Efficient ….

And only $10 per month! (Setup fee may apply)


Free setup
$10 per month or $100 per year
$300 Facebook Fan Page Setup from template
Call for custom Facebook Fan Page Creation and Setup
$99 social media registration (account creation for facebook, fb
fanpage, twitter, linkedin, youtube)


eSocialPro makes maintaining a social media presence easy. eSocialPro
aggregates your social media feeds so you are able to post, and
interact to the most popular social networks through one easy to use,
beautifully designed, interface. Update your Facebook Fanpage, Respond
to your Twitter feed, or interact with your LinkedIn network without
leaving the eSocialPro.com

Go to www.esocialpro.com to sign up today!

Call BayNet at (408) 253-8090 for more information

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