October 11
Marketing Tools on eAgents for Your Active Listings

Marketing Tools on eAgents for Your Active Listings

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For your new active listings, you can use the following tools to market yourself and the property.

1)      HTML Flyer

    • The system has a point and click Listing Flyer creator. Use the “Marketing Wizard” to create the flyer and send it to your seller and all your SOI Database.

2)      Craigslist Posting Tool (Manual Syndication ~ We send Auto Syndications)

    • You have a point and click Craigslist Posting tool in your “My Website” à “Listings and Gallery” à “Manage Syndications” that creates a really nice Craigslist Flyer for you.
    • Just click the drop down menu and select the listing you want to post to Craigslist. It will generate the code for you, and all you do is copy and paste into Craigslist.

3)      Reverse Prospector

    • Run a reverse prospector search. This will give you a list of all agents who have a client that match your new listings, and you can send an email to all those agents who have potential buyers for that property.

4)      Social Media Posts

    • Post your new listings to your social media platforms
    • Social Media Rule of Thumb ~ 90% Community / 10% Your Listings

5)      eFlyer Brochure (Additional Cost ~ Based on Number of Recipients Selected – Min. $12.95)

    • This is a great service to market your new listing to other Real Estate Agents.
    • Great to market any services to other agents.

6)      Single Property Showcase Site (Additional Cost ~ $27.00 per year)

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