October 19
NEW FEATURE: Weekly Website Statistics

NEW FEATURE: Weekly Website Statistics

We have added a new feature to your e-agents.com website!

Your statistics report page will accumulate all the hits to your site within the week. It will then sort through the most popular pages hit, and the property with the most hits. This data is then displayed to you in a pie chart format.

This is disabled by default, but can be easily activated by following a few steps:

                      1. Log in to your account @ www.e-agents.com
                      2. Click on “My Website”
                      3. Click “Website Statistics”
                      4. Place a tick where it reads “Send me weekly website statistics report”
                      5. DONE!

Now you will receive an email on a weekly basis that will look like the image below.

Below the colored pie chart, there is a legend that identifies each color on the pie chart. The email will also include the name of the page visited, total number of hits the page has received, and the ending date for the week it is reporting for.

  • The first pie chart displays data for the pages visited on your website. 
  • The second chart displays data for the most visited property details.

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