November 18
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“What’s the most important thing to have on a real estate website?”

There is plenty of debate on this subject with technology experts insisting on things like search engine optimization (SEO), a web 2.0 platform, mobile application, videos or live chat function. The fact is that consumers care far less about any of these things than the actual inventory itself. Let’s remind ourselves that listings are at the core of this business and the means by which almost all realtors and brokers are paid. Trying to compete with, Trulia, Zillow or RedFin for those top search result positions on Google is simply too difficult, time-consuming and ineffective for an individual agent or broker. And building a website from the ground-up on a platform like wordpress or intuit can be an exercise in total frustration even without integrating a feed from the appropriate MLS(s). Baynet solves this problem by making it easy to create a website with an automatic connection to the MLS for listing syndication and customizable home searches. This gives your clients and visitors to the website easy access to the inventory on the MLS with options for automatic email alerts about listings matching their interests. ANSWER = HOMES

“How can I keep visitors on my website longer and capture a greater number of leads?”

The best way to keep clients and visitors on your website longer is making the listings easy and fast to find. This means going a step above and beyond offering a customizable home search with fields that need to be filled in order to receive results. Web browsers want to use their mouse or finger to click on buttons or links to lists of homes rather then enter criteria and get prompted to leave contact information. Our e-agents websites make it easy for the agent or broker to setup instant searches for farm areas, local hotspots, bank-owned homes, short sales or even luxury properties in any area of the MLS. These searches don’t need to be updated or managed and since the results are displayed within the website, all matches are highlighted in a manner that directs the lead to the website owner rather than the listing agent.  These simple searches also create a wealth of individual property pages that are often retrieved by Google for people searching a property address. Take a look at Laurel Jack in the east bay, Eddie Munoz in Santa Cruz, Ed Anderson in Sacramento or Michele Delfino in the north bay to see examples of these pages in action. Is your website serving up listings as well as these agents???

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