August 12
Social Media Integration into e-Agents and Listing Producer Services

Social Media Integration into e-Agents and Listing Producer Services

baynet listing integration 01

Many of you have noticed a new button on your Property Detail pages of e-Agents as well as Listing Producer. If you utilize such services such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Friend Feed or are active on Facebook, Twitter, or even MySpace you probably already know and utilize this widget. You could stop reading here, the rest of you…continue on.

baynet listing integration 02

These buttons allow your visitors to broadcast your listing, or a listing found on your e-Agents website to their social networking spheres and thus expanding your internet presence. Remember, the more places you are online, the broader your reach and naturally the more business you will solicit online – this is a good thing.

So, just how does this work?

baynet listing integration 04

If you view the photos in this post, you can safely assume it is in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Find the property you wish to broadcast, and click on the proper social network, we used Facebook in this example, but it is the same process with any social network in the que.

Step 2 – Our widget will authenticate your account if you are logged in, otherwise it will ask for your account’s login information.

Step 3 – Once authentication is established, our widget will open a new tab/window to broadcast the listing via your Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, etc.

Step 4 – Publish, depending on the platform, some will allow you to comment – such as Facebook, once this is done – click on “share” “publish” “ok” etc and it will post onto your profile, stream, wall, etc.

baynet listing integration 03

Once the listing is published on the account it is fed through the profile’s various friends, subscribers, followers, so on and so forth. If the account holder has 1000 friends or followers – the listing from your site has just gained 1000 more eyeballs, and if any of them choose to re-broadcast the listing, your site gets X more eyeballs. So on and so forth.

Now you see the value of utilizing these social networks, go ahead and notify all your social networking clients and sphere of influence.

Thank you.